Hello & Welcome Beautiful

Im Jessica, the lady behind the lens & the unapologetic mom blog. Thank you for stopping by!

Most days you can find me navigating the day to day chaos as a work from home momma. Im either glammed up or 75% of time in my yoga pants, with the messy “pineapple bun”. There is No in between. Creating art is my passion, & helping other women become their best selves in motherhood is right there with it. I LOVE to share anything that can be helpful to work life flow or day to day motherhood.

You can catch me hands dip in a art project, or reading a new book weekly, Finding momma hacks because God knows we need them sometimes. I love chatting away with mommas in our unapologetic moms facebook group, or Skype with my team of awesome entrepreneurial women. But of corse you’ll ALWAYS find me behind the lens & juggling the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

I should have known those high school years of running fashion shows, being the GO To for makeup & hair for friends & my passion for capturing those raw moments in time in photography class would one day be part of “work”. 

If you haven't noticed I am not the best with grammar, although my college transcripts might argue this one, haha.
I started this blog as a creative outlet to share resources, crafts, helpful books,  recipes, mommy & me fashion, beauty tips & to blog about the authentic, raw truth of navigating mommy-hood & this year 2018-2019 we take on HOMESCHOOLING.

I believe in living authentically in each raw moment of mommy hood wether its laughter & joy or sobbing tears because its been a long day.  I hope you smile often, to try something new, to take care of you, to find your passion and go with it. 

I hope you Enjoy!

Jessica x

you should probably know

my Daily Go-to outfit is

Yoga Pants & Pineapple Buns

my Go-to drink is

Decaf Coffee or Americano's

a fun fact

I name my cameras, Mia Milo & Mini